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E30/E36/E46 Lower Control Arm Bushing Replacement The lower control arm bushings stabilize the rear of the front lower control arms. After about 50k miles the stock non-M3 bushings can begin to tear. When they do, the rear of the control arm is allowed to move farther than it should causing instability and a shake in the steering wheel when. Jun 20, To remove the rear control arm rubber bushing, we will need to use a puller to get the old one off.

Remove the bushing from the bracket, and transfer the bracket onto the new bushing. Make sure to line up the arrow on the new bushing with the mark on the bracket. This will insure that the bushing is correctly installed into the bracket.

Notice how the hold is offset and the rest of the bushing is more solid than the normal E30 control arm bushing.

Mar 09, My way is not only faster then most traditional ways, but its also makes the trailing arm bushing come out without much resistance. Things you will need: 30mm socket Bigger C-clamp or PREFERABLY a vise Box cutter KY lube (not required, but if you have it I recommend using it) First Cut off the head off each of the 4 trailing arm bushings: To remove the bushing follow this illustration.

Steering wheel wobble at specific speeds is the most common. But bad control arm bushings can sometimes mask itself through warped rotors. Oftentimes when you brake at a specific highway speed, regardless of steering, the wheel shakes. This is due to bad ball joints on the control arm bushings. There are 2 ball joints on the E30 Front Control bushfelling.pwted Reading Time: 4 mins.

Remove the old control arm bushing from the lollipop. I used a saw to cut the outer shell of the old control arm bushing. Use a screwdriver to pry out the old bushing.

Here is the empty lollipop. Here is the new E30 M3 offset control arm bushing resting on the lollipop. FCO - Offset front control arm bushings result in a half of a degree.5) negative camber, giving quicker responsiveness. Recommended for track and race use only. BMW 3 Series, E30 ( M3) BMW 3 Series, E36 ( ti M3) BMW Z3 and M Roadster. Availability: Available. After much R&D and testing, Rogue Engineering is proud to introduce its Performance Front Control Arm Bushings (FCAB).

A unique combination of CNC'd T6 aluminum and high performance urethane, we can now offer a bushing that is performance oriented enough for the track junkie yet without significant increases in NVH when used on the street. The Rogue Engineering E30/E36/Z3 Performance FCAB is a unique and incredibly effective front control arm bushing design, combining CNC'd T6 aluminum and high-performance polyurethane.

These are an innovative and effective compromise between street and track - street focused but with capability for serious track use. Unfortunately, not Spec-E30/E36 legal. These are very similar to the discontinued"Treehouse racing" eyeball control arm bushing mounts. As with all of garagistic products; we offer a life-time guarantee.

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Price is for a pair (2 units). Enough to do 1 car. NEW FEATURES FOUND ON GARAGISTIC V2 CENTERED CONTROL ARM MOUNTS: Made in the USA. Don't struggle with hammers and improper techniques, drive your bushings out easily with this control arm bushing remover and installer.

From toBavarian Autosport was one of the premier vendors for BMW and MINI auto parts. We are happy to preserve the Bav Auto legacy by continuing to carry their high-quality products into the future.

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