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Trim and maintain your shrubs in organized shapes or styles. Cut down overgrown or damaged shrubs. Fully remove root systems to prevent rot or new shoots. If you want to give your lawn a new look or keep the landscaping in order, start with your bushfelling.pwg: Kathleen FL. Mar 23, Take a strategic approach to removal. To remove shrubs, begin with a pair of loppers, like these from Fiskars (,, to cut away branches and any large roots visible to the eye.

As you get down to the soil, use a pick mattock to help you"hack out" the web beneath the surface. Continue to cut the root system as it becomes more Missing: Kathleen FL. Jun 01, One, dig the entire root system up with a shovel and try to pull out the shrub or bush out. This is back breaking work and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to dig around and through a well established root system. Two, use a saw to cut the trunk of the shrub or bush at ground level. If you’re planning to replant in the area this approach will only cause more work and/or inhibit the growth of new bushfelling.pwted Reading Time: 4 mins.

Recent Review: Virginia Grounds did an excellent job of weeding and trimming bushes. They collected all of the debris and cleaned the work area. I plan to use them again. (60) Affordable Lawn And Landscaping LLC. Recent Review: They arrived promptly and. 1 Use bypass loppers to cut away smaller branches around outer portion of shrub. 2 Cut through thick branches deep inside of the shrub with a chainsaw. 3 Dig around base of shrub with pointed shovel.

4 Cut through roots at base of stump with a garden mattock. 5 Pull stump from bushfelling.pwg: Kathleen FL. May 02, If you can cut the top growth away, and down to about 2 feet tall, (leaving just a few main limbs) then carefully dig down and try to find where the main roots are, you can lop the roots a few inches below grade level and get the main body of it out.

Then eventually the roots will rot Missing: Kathleen FL.

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